Want to Recycle Tennis Balls?

Tired of wondering what to do with old tennis balls?

With your help, it is now possible to recycle any tennis ball after you win (or lose) your match!

Tennis Ball Recycling

There Are
0 Million
Tennis Balls Produced Each Year

We play with
0 Million
Tennis Balls In U.S.A. each Year

Total Reused & Recycled
0 Million
To Date... be the next partner!

There is only
Cradle to Grave Tennis Solution

You can do it

Simply collect tennis balls in one or more boxes. Fill out the request form – be sure to include email and phone. We’ll email you support instructions for sending in the balls.

Anyone can recycle tennis balls with Laykold, Ace Surfaces & reBounces. If you have over 200 balls you get a free label for tennis ball recycling.
Lifecycle of tennis balls through the tennis ball recycling program led by Laykold in partnership with Ace Surfaces & reBounces

Tennis Ball Courts

Up to 10,000 tennis balls can be recycled and incorporated into a Laykold Masters cushioned court surface. These high performance tennis courts can be part of a new construction project or an overlay for existing, cracked tennis courts.

Recycling Partners

APT is the parent company of Laykold, sponsor of tennis ball recycling into actual tennis courts

APT & Laykold

The global leader in high-performance engineered sports surfaces. Official surface of the Miami Open since 1984.

Ace Surfaces is the mastermind behind the Laykold Masters series of tennis court surfacing

Ace Surfaces

Revolutionizing the tennis courts you play on by creating, implementing and installing cushion courts using recycled tennis balls.

Anyone with 200 or more tennis balls can recycle them for free

You… Yes, You!

Join the 1,000s of tennis players of all abilities in recycling tennis balls. It cannot happen without your efforts. Vamos!

reBounces tennis ball recycling


Leading the tennis industry in tennis ball reUse (the Green Tennis Machine) & Tennis Ball reCycling solutions since 2008.


We’re always looking for tennis facilities, avid players and other eco-conscious partners. We cannot wait to speak with you.

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Example of tennis balls that have been recycled and ground up by Laykold, Ace Surfaces and reBounces

Quick Fact — Rebounces began the First National Tennis Ball Recycling Campaign in 2008!! We are the leader in “Eco Tennis”. There have been numerous individuals and clubs that have packed 1,000s boxes of tennis balls for recycling. We continue to offer free tennis ball recycling for anyone in the ‘lower 48 states’ that packs a box with 200 or more tennis balls. Join us and begin your tennis ball recycling journey today.